Calling all Speakers

The SMART DRILLING USA 2023 conference is seeking presentations that broadly focus on the following key topic:

  • Making economic assessments for new oil and gas drilling projects
  • Integrating new drilling technologies into existing operations and processes
  • Reducing costs and achieving efficiencies with drilling automation and digitalization
  • Emerging opportunities and technical know-how in efficiently drilling longer laterals
  • Latest strategies and data analytics for the advancement of well completions
  • End-user operator case studies and how to develop a successful program

Introducing completions optimization strategies will lead the way as regional operators seek cost-effective solutions to maximize return on oil and gas projects across the region. While understanding the industry's current production challenges and evolving optimization techniques, the event returns with a program that has been extensively researched and redeveloped to assess drilling technologies and completions strategies that achieve complete optimization. The application of drilling techniques to improve reservoir performance has proven feasible and economically viable. However, every formation presents challenges and can vary considerably from well to well, making the implementation even more complex.

This year’s SMART DRILLING USA 2023 Exhibition & Conference comes to Houston, Texas, with a unique and timely focus on addressing the specific challenges of finding cost-effective strategies given the current market. The event will offer insights into economically optimizing drilling techniques and equipment reliability to execute longer laterals. The event will provide a platform for discussing strategies in BHA design, drilling fluid chemistry, tool reliability, and selection to provide established solutions to reduce drill time, increase the ROP, maximize footage drilled per day, and minimize the risk of failure when drilling longer laterals. With advanced technology, investigation of emerging opportunities, and innovative strategies in place, investors and operators can make the right choices in drilling and completions to increase productivity. 

Be a part of our multi-disciplined agenda…

The SMART DRILLING USA 2023 Exhibition & Conference will be an opportunity for professionals engaged in relevant disciplines to report on their accomplishments and exchange views. In addition, the conference will provide a unique emphasis on networking and building new relationships and generating dialogue in technical know-how and new technologies and completions optimization strategies for North American operators. There will also be an opportunity to integrate with allied industries and demonstrate insight into new drilling and completions initiatives for mutual benefit.

Presentations that focus on new ways operators can reduce cost and optimize their projects in light of the current market, and end-user case studies on successful drilling and completions projects are of particular interest to this conference, along with other relevant topics of timely interest.

Please consider participating in what is certain to be a highly productive experience with an opportunity to collaborate with industry experts in this fast-evolving market.

Call for Presentation
If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com, subject heading “Call for Papers - Smart Drilling USA 2023”.

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